Documentation Needed

Granite Falls Little League requires supporting documentation in addition to the online registration form. These documents are due at the time of Spring registration.

Documentation will be collected during our Player Evaluation or you may scan and email the documents to . Subject: Players Name and Birthdate


Annually, Little League requires THREE documents, dated between February 1st, 2018 and February 1st, 2019, to prove a player's address.

• A school issued report card or performance record will no longer be accepted to establish school attendance.
• Also, residence shall be established and supported by documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or guardian(s) name, street address, city, state and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1, 2018 (previous year) and February 1, 2019 (current year), from one or more documents from EACH of the three Groups outlined below:
Group I
1. Driver's License
2. School records
3. Vehicle records (i.e., registration, lease, etc.)
4. Employment records
5. Insurance documents
Group II
1. Welfare/child care records
2. Federal records (i.e., Federal Tax, Social Security, etc.)
3. State records
4. Local (municipal) records
5. Support payment records
6. Homeowner or tenant records
7. Military records
Group III
1. Voter's Registration
2. Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
3. Financial records
4. Medical records
5. Internet, cable, or satellite records
IMPORTANT NOTE: Example - Three documents from the same Group (utility bill, cable bill, and bank statement) constitute only ONE document. Players who established "residence" or "school attendance" for regular season and/or tournament prior to the 2019 season using the Player Verification Form, and can produce the form with proper proofs and signatures, will be grandfathered and will NOT need to complete a new Player Verification Form.

More information on the above Little League International changes will be coming soon.


New players to Granite Falls Little League - You will need to also provide an original birth certificate prior to the start of the season.

Players who participated in All Stars in the 2018 season only need to bring their Packet with the Player Verification form.


All Volunteers will need to compleate a current Volunteer application. New Volunteers Returning Volunteers

Parents who wish to be "On-Field Volunteers" must also be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Driver's License
  • Social Security Number
  • Certification information, such as CPR, etc (This is not a requirement).
  • Digital photograph (Head Shot) for ID badge
Please also review the On Field Volunteer Agreement