Granite Falls Little League Division Age Groups

SOFTBALL Divisions By Age

BASEBALL Divisions By Age

SB Rookies: 7-8 Years

BB Rookies: 7-8 Years

SB Minors (AAA): 9-10 Years

BB Minors (AAA): 9-10 years

SB Majors: 11-12 Years

BB Majors: 11-12 Years

SB Juniors: 13-15 Years

BB Juniors: 13-15 Years

T-BALL: 4-6 Years (Co-Ed)

BB Intermediate: 11-13 Years

2019 Softball Age Calculator

2019 Baseball Age Calculator

**Granite Falls Little League Board of Directors have adopted the above Age Groups for determining Division eligibility. Waivers to play above or below assigned Age Division may be granted on a limited basis at the discretion of Granite Falls Little Board Members and subject to approval by Little League District 1.