Player Evaluations
Posted Mar 2, 2016

2019 Player Evaluations

Player Evaluation TBD @ Crossroad Alternitive HS, All 8yo and 10yo, that wish to move up to next level, are required to attend at least one of the Evaluation!


Player Draft (coaches) TBD

Practice Start March 1st. Coaches will contact you With times and fields.

Season games will start for Juniors (12-14yo) the last week of March, ALL others will start after spring break.



**Tryout sessions will begin within 20 minutes of the check in time.
**Wear baseball/softball attire and bring a glove.
**Bats & Batting helmets will be available for use, or players may bring their own.

If you are unable to attend your assigned tryout time, please contact the Player Agent immediately at


What ages are required to try out for the Baseball and Softball?
Granite Falls Little League requires all league age 8, 9, and 10 year old players to participate in at least one session of try outs for play in the Minor and above divisions of baseball and softball.

What are the players asked to do as part of the tryouts?
The purpose of the tryouts is to provide the managers the opportunity to assess the player’s ability to successfully play at the Minor and Major division level. This is best accomplished by asking the players to each participate in a series of fielding, and hitting drills. At a minimum, each player will have an opportunity to field a series of ground balls, fly balls, demonstrate their throwing and batting skills. Base running may also be incorporated as time and field conditions permit.

When will by Son/Daughter know if they have been drafted?
The baseball and softball drafts will be completed by February 20th and all players drafted will be notified by their manager no later than March 1st.

How does the tryouts and draft work?
Tryouts asses the skill level of the player and based on the skills shown at tryouts some players may move up a division some will remain in their age division and some may be moved down. The draft is carried out as set forth in the GFLL By-Laws for each division.

If I still have questions whom may I contact?

Please contact the player agent at