Purpose and Goals

The purpose of Player Development is to teach different nessesary techniques needed in Batting, Hitting, Throwing, Catching, and base running. Players and Coaches are tought through different drills which build not only proper skills through muscle memory, but also confidence in their abilities. The better they understand how to physically and mentally play the game, the more fun and rewarding it will be, and they will want to continue playing.

Our goal is to get each player to a level of play so that they will be ready for the step up to High School and collage teams with confidence that they can play any and all positions if their coach asks them to do so. They will also carry the lessons of sportsmanship, fair play, winning and losing with grace, and social skills that they will need as they move forward in life.

If your Son or Daughter has the desire to play for their High School and beyond, they need to be involved in Player Development Program.